meet alysha nashert – 3 girls 2012 senior model from norman north

my school: norman north
my favorite candy: chocolate covered gummy bears
my favorite drink: water
facebook or twitter (or both?): facebook
my dream job: to be a fashion designer
my first crush: michael henke
my biggest accomplishment in high school so far: being a part of SPUD week
one unusual talent: i can look like someone else
my current favorite song: any Zumba song
the person I would like to meet: jesus
the favorite things in my closet are: my shoes
i love 3 girls photography because: i get to spend time with Jen and Spruce and talk about squirrels!
my goals after high school are: going to college
my hobbies/extracurricular activities: church and zumba
my favorite fictional character: a giraffe
a good book i’ve read: crazy love
finish the sentence: when I grow up i want to _______: have a family
my favorite dessert: passionberri
what I am looking forward to after next year: graduation day
a random fact about myself: i’m a two
my friends would describe me as: a work out freak
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  1. Marla Wertheim April 14, 2011 at 9:02 am #

    The colors you chose for her backgrounds compliment her very well. Gorgeous girl.

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