meet taylor clark – 3 girls 2012 senior model from edmond memorial

my school: edmond memorial high school
my favorite candy: jellybeans
my favorite drink: root beer
facebook or twitter (or both)?: both
my dream job: interior designer or stay at home mom
my first crush was: benjamin or his friend (can’t remember his name)
my biggest accomplishment so far in high school: getting an A in AP lang
one unusual talent i have is: i don’t think i have one…
my current favorite song: E.T. by katy perry
the person i would most like to meet: drake
my favorite things in my closet are: my black boots and jeans
i love 3 girls photography because (shameless plug!): everyone is SO much fun and nice and the studio is awesome!!
my goals after high school: go to college, have a fun job, and have a family
my hobbies/extracurricular activities: cheer
my favorite fictional character: jacob black
what is the last good book you read: the last song
finish the sentence: when I grow up____________: i wanna love my job and have a happy family!
my favorite desert: cookies and cream ice cream
what I am looking forward to most about my senior year: going to games, hanging out with friends, and senior trip
a random fact about myself: i like online shopping
my friends would describe me as…: happy and funny
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