the photographer’s secret

photographing your own kids is HARD.

at BEST, it’s hard. at worst, well, it just doesn’t happen.

perhaps it’s merely the personalities and energy of my own minis, or the fact they they are so close in age (my oldest and youngest are 3 years and 8 days apart). but up until now, it’s been an all-day affair complete with (unfulfilled) promises of ponies and castles and sugar if they would merely relax and allow me to play.

it’s sort of the ‘dentists kids have the worst teeth’ or the ‘doctors kids are always sick’ syndrome. the photographers kids are NOT photographed as often as you might think. unless, of course, you have fairies that come to assist you during the session and they come bearing gifts. and ponies.

this year, however, i was determined. i had actually intended to photograph them individually this year, and not together (i feel each child needs time in front of the camera to let their own personalities come through and to reaffirm their place in the family). however, we ran out of time once i settled on the location. the trees were going to be desolate within days (they were – 3 days later), and i was in LOVE with that gorgeous color.

i also wanted them to be themselves, and not overly dressed up or obnoxiously ‘posed’. these ADORABLE persnickety outfits did the trick. fun, coordinating (not too matching), and able to be played in, they provided the right personality and feel for the images i set out to create.

there are many more images to come. and nick is in the process of putting together a killer video of the afternoon (complete with personalities of dashes one, two and three coming out). but for now, i thought i’d share the number one thing i am thankful for in my life (because i have to admit, i don’t love reading those 6-mile long lists of things people are thankful for on thanksgiving. i’m sorry, but they all sound the same, and i try and be thankful each and every day).

my little peeps. who, by the way, earned a complete sugar-filled dinner at orange leaf after the session for pretending to be completely enamored with each other the entire time in front of the camera. if you didn’t know them, you’d think they actually loved hanging out together and playing blissfully side by side each day.

and if you want to keep thinking that, go ahead. this way when you meet them in person and the insanity ensues, you’ll simply think they’re having a bad day. :)

peace and popsicles –
jen :)
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