Modern Senior Portraits

Show the world your true story

“I loved the experience I had with Jen because I felt like I was the most important person in the world that day. She really took the time to find out everything about me and it really made me think about things in my life in a whole new way that I hadn’t really thought about before.

I never thought about my pictures being a story before. But that’s what Jen helped me see and I love how confident and beautiful she made me feel in front of the camera.

Instead of just pretty pictures they were so much more than that. The pictures Jen took really showed everything about me not just a perfect pose. Being able to see myself through her eyes was something I never could have imagined before I saw my pictures. My mom cried, my dad cried and I’m pretty sure I cried a little too because I felt so many different things.

Thanks Jen for showing me the person you see and that others see. This was the best day of my life!” – Grace M.

“I wanted something for my senior pictures that I would remember forever, and I didn’t want to get the same pictures in a field that all my friends did. I mean they look great and all, but they all look the same. When I saw that Jen was doing 3 sessions in San Diego I almost died. Ahhhhhhh!!!! I’d never been to California before!

My mom and I came out to San Diego a few days early because I wanted to get all my outfits there. Jen helped me style all of them and I seriously don’t know what I would have done without her!

The day of my session was so perfect. We met at Jen’s cottage right on the beach on Coronado Island and Jami did my hair and makeup while Jen and Courtney brought me breakfast. I couldn’t believe I was looking out over the ocean while I was getting my hair and makeup done! Who gets to do that for their senior pictures?!

We went so many places that day and every one of them was so amazing. My last outfit was this really cool Free People dress my mom and I had found that was loose and just perfect for sunset on the beach. We literally watched the sun set right into the water!

When I came to order my pictures at Jen’s studio a few weeks later I cried so much because I wanted to go back! The pictures were so amazing and I had the perfect memory of this trip with my mom forever. Thanks Jen for making my senior pictures so perfect!” – Lauren L.

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